1. Supplier identification

GoBokly with NIF 41675399C and address at Paisos Catalans 131 5a, 17190 Salt, Girona with telephone 632990133 and electronic mail info@pdg.solutions

2. Goal

This document defines the conditions for the provision of GoBokly services, hereinafter the service and establishes the agreement between the client and the provider. It prevails over any agreement referring to the same services.

3.Price and payment method

3.1 The prices depend on the services contracted by the client that appear in the obverse of the present contract. The client declares to have been properly informed of the fees that will be applied and the services that will be offered.

3.2 Invoices will be sent to the email specified by the client on the front of this contract. The client accepts the use of email as the way of receiving the invoices generated by the provision of services.

3.3 Payment shall be domiciled, during the entire period of validity of the contractual relationship, to the bank account authorized by the client.

3.4 The initial fees for the contracted services will be billed and domiciled at the time of signing this contract.

3.5 The beginning of the invoicing of the periodic fees of the contracted services will be made within 30 calendar days of signing this contract.

Unpaid or returned receipts may be paid, within a period of seven calendar days from expiration, by bank transfer, together with the expenses today if not for the return, as well as the rest of attributable expenses there are customers who They are derived.

After seven days without receiving the payment, the provider will understand that the client renounces the services and, consequently, may deactivate them and initiate the termination of the contract.

4. Contract resolution

4.1 The supplier may terminate the contract, without further formality, seven calendar days after a notification without satisfactory response, in the following cases: non-payment, inaccuracy of the statements transmitted by the customer or supplier, breach of the obligations of declarations by the client, loss of half of the share capital, cessation of substantial or total activity of the client, merger, division of the company or change of associates or directors in fact or not, decrease of guarantees and protections, legal proceedings initiated by Credit, use of the website, mobile application or any of the other services illegally.

4.2 Notified of the breach, the supplier retains the right to terminate the contract, even if the client proposes to fulfill its obligations.

4.3 Once the contract is terminated, the customer must pay the supplier the amounts of the pending terms on the day of the resolution even if the case, the amount of the initial period of permanence.

5. Duration and renewal

5.1 The services are contracted for the initial period (permanence) contained in this contract.

5.2 The contract will be tacitly extended for periods of the same duration except in the case that one of the parties communicates to the other their will not to extend it at least 30 calendar days before the end of the contract, to the address or addresses listed on the reverse .

6. Responsibility for content

6.1 The customer has full responsibility for the content and information stored or disseminated by any of the services provided by the provider, being solely responsible for ensuring that they comply with current legislation.

6.2 The supplier is not responsible for any possible damage to the equipment due to the incorrect use of the services due to a virus infection to the client or third-party devices; errors produced by the access provider; any illegitimate interference by a third party or defective configuration by the customer.

7. Operating License

7.1 The provider is the owner of the intellectual property rights in regards to the technical architecture (navigation, functionalities, applications, etc.) and the graphics (interface, logos, icons, pictograms) of the services provided to the client. In this sense, the operating license is conferred on the technical architecture and the graphics of the services provided to the client during the term of the contract. This license is not exclusive, it cannot be assigned to a third party and grant the client the right to use these elements for public communication through the Internet.

7.2 Only the provider can modify the characteristics of the services and is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights of the linked source codes.

8. Mention of the provider to the services provided to the client

The customer authorizes the supplier to record their data, name and distinctive signs, and to mention the services they will provide, in commercial, advertising documents and their website.

9. Protection of personal data

The provider will not be responsible for the processing of personal data (obtaining, communication, reproduction, manipulation, etc.) that the customer carries out through the resources provided by the provider. In relation to the data to which you have access to provide the services to the customer, the provider will be considered as the person in charge of the treatment under the terms of article 12 of organic law 15/1999, of December 13, on data protection of personal character.

The supplier will apply the security measures required by the data protection regulations. It will not be used for any other purpose other than the provision of customer services, nor will it be communicated to third parties, except in the cases provided by law. The customer accepts that the provider can contract hosting services to external providers, by previously signing the reservation commitment document with this hosting service provider. The customer may have information at any time about the identity of the service provider.

With the resolution of the contractual relationship between both parties, the data that is in the custody of the provider will be deleted or returned to the customer or delivered to a third party as indicated. However, the provider retains a copy of the data that is duly blocked as long as responsibilities can be derived from its relationship with the customer. If this is the case, once the data is deleted, a written declaration will be delivered to the client stating that it has been carried out.

10. Confidentiality

During the term of this contract and after its expiration or resolution for any reason, the supplier undertakes to respect the confidentiality of information and documents of any kind (economic or technical) related to the client and to any person who has been linked, to those that may have access in the execution of this contract. The supplier will ensure its personnel, its subsidiaries and subcontracted companies, maintaining the obligation of confidentiality.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

11.1 This contract is governed by Spanish law. Any dispute related to the interpretation or execution of the articles present shall be within the jurisdiction of the court of the domicile of the supplier or at the choice of the supplier of one of its secondary establishments.

The client acknowledges that the website of this contract has a direct relationship with their professional activity and as a consequence and that the relationship between the supplier and the customer is of a commercial nature, the provisions of the regulations for the defense of rights of consumers and users.