What’s a slot?2020-05-03T16:33:17+02:00

One slot is an Android & iOS mobile apps public available in Google Play & Apple Store respectively.

Can I buy one mobile app slot at a time?2020-05-03T16:33:04+02:00

No, you will have to buy a minimum bundle of 5.

What do I get?2020-05-03T16:32:54+02:00

The platform to start selling websites. The mobile apps are sold separately based on slots.

What do I get?2020-05-03T16:32:27+02:00

Everything, the platform and mobile apps and all its related services.

Can I end the subscription at any time?2020-05-03T16:32:17+02:00

Yes, however, during the first year you’ll be asked to pay the remaining to cover the entire year subscription.

Can I host my own platform?2020-05-03T16:32:02+02:00

No, we provide you all the necessary resources.

Is there any commitment?2020-05-03T16:31:48+02:00

Yes, 1 year.

The mobile apps, are for iOS and Android?2020-01-30T20:10:18+01:00

Effectively! We will create two apps for your business so that all your customers can keep in touch from their phones.

Can I just get the mobile applications?2020-01-30T20:09:18+01:00

Yes, however, the subscription costs won’t change.

I live outside of the EU, could I subscribe to GoWeb?2020-01-30T20:08:49+01:00

Yes, of course, but you’ll have to pay any subscription costs upfront if exists.

Is there a trial period?2020-01-30T20:07:53+01:00

Yes, the standard plan has a 30 days free trial.

I already own a domain, can I reuse it?2020-01-30T20:06:06+01:00

Yes, of course. Make sure you fill the form in with the credentials to access your domain provider and select the Move option.

Can I move my GoWeb to another web provider?2020-01-30T20:02:29+01:00

No, I’m afraid.

How long should I wait to get my GoWeb ready?2020-01-30T20:01:41+01:00

The maximum waiting time would be a month (1) counting after the data provided is confirmed.

How much does the domain costs?2019-10-23T19:05:11+02:00

Nothing, during the first year we provide a free domain.

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