Agency Plan

Agency Plan2020-07-06T19:08:20+02:00

Start earning money

GoBookly websites is a high-quality platform you can hire to start selling and getting a monthly income.

Monthly Income

Earn a monthly recurring income by selling websites from your own platform.

Customize Everything

Decide how much you want to charge per website, plan and/or period.

No Tech Knowledge

Leave all techy stuff to us and focus on selling more and more…

Optional Apps

Decide if you want to sell mobile apps along with any of the plans offered.

VIP Support

We’ll be alongside you to support your clients and yourself.


We will update your platform with the latest features & fixes.



Up to 25 sites!



Up to 50 sites!

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What’s a slot?2020-05-03T16:33:17+02:00

One slot is an Android & iOS mobile apps public available in Google Play & Apple Store respectively.

Can I buy one mobile app slot at a time?2020-05-03T16:33:04+02:00

No, you will have to buy a minimum bundle of 5.

What do I get?2020-05-03T16:32:54+02:00

The platform to start selling websites. The mobile apps are sold separately based on slots.

Can I end the subscription at any time?2020-05-03T16:32:17+02:00

Yes, however, during the first year you’ll be asked to pay the remaining to cover the entire year subscription.

Can I host my own platform?2020-05-03T16:32:02+02:00

No, we provide you all the necessary resources.

Is there any commitment?2020-05-03T16:31:48+02:00

Yes, 1 year.

A smart and secure way to earn money online

Get your platform up & running in no time and start selling booking managers.

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