Frequent questions

Frequent questions2019-10-28T16:44:33+02:00
The mobile apps, are for iOS and Android?2020-02-06T17:48:53+02:00

Effectively! We will create two apps for your business so that all your customers can keep in touch from their phones.

Can I just get the mobile applications?2020-02-06T17:48:54+02:00

Yes, however, the subscription costs won’t change.

I live outside of the EU, could I subscribe to GoBokly?2020-02-06T17:48:54+02:00

Yes, of course, but you’ll have to pay any subscription costs upfront if exists.

Is there a trial period?2020-02-06T17:48:54+02:00

Yes, the first month is for free and you can unsubscribe whenever you want paying the subscription cost if exists.

What’s the cost of subscribing?2020-02-06T17:48:55+02:00

It depends on the plan you’ve selected and your site specifications. The costs will be informed before the official subscription in the case you want to pay that upfront.

I already own a domain, can I reuse it?2020-02-06T17:48:55+02:00

Yes, of course. Make sure you fill the form in with the credentials to access your domain provider and select the Move option.

What happens if I unsubscribe before the period of permanence?2020-02-06T17:48:55+02:00

The full cost of discharge must be paid in case of not having been the time of permanence required by the contracted plan.

Can I move my GoBokly to another web provider?2020-02-06T17:48:55+02:00

No, I’m afraid.

How long should I wait to get my GoBokly ready?2020-02-06T17:48:55+02:00

The maximum waiting time would be a month (1) counting after the data provided is confirmed.

How much does the domain costs?2020-02-06T17:48:56+02:00

Nothing, during the first year we provide a free domain.

What mobile applications are there?2020-02-06T17:48:56+02:00

You will have an IOS application and an Android application available on the App Store and Google Play for your customer to download and install.

Is there any permanence?2020-02-06T17:48:56+02:00

Yes, only for the first 6 months or you can opt to pay the subscription fee upfront.

Is there any permanence?2020-02-06T17:48:56+02:00

No, to have an online presence is not necessary.

What payment methods do I have?2020-02-06T17:48:56+02:00

The payment gateways that may be used are bank transfer, check, cash on delivery, debit card, credit card and PayPal. Contact us for any specific payment gateway.

Is SSL security included?2020-02-06T17:48:57+02:00

Yes, your site will be secured with a valid SSL certificate for free and automatically renewable every year.

Is there any extra cost?2020-02-06T17:48:57+02:00

Yes, SMS. Your system can send SMS to notify customers of their appointments and the cost varies depending on the number of messages sent. If you wish, these can be deactivated which would not generate extra costs.

Can I only use the appointment manager?2020-02-06T17:48:57+02:00

Yes, of course. If you already have a website and you are only interested in the appointment manager, it can be embedded in your website. If you do not have a website and just want to use it as an internal manager it is also possible. Contact us to know more options.

Are the mobile/cellular applications for iOS and Android?2020-02-06T17:48:57+02:00

Indeed! We will create two apps for your business so that all your customers can enjoy the benefits of GoBokly.

Can I manage everything from the mobile apps?2020-02-06T17:48:57+02:00

No. The applications are meant to be only used by your customers. However, you can access your admin panel from the web in your mobile and operate from there.

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